meet LIZ

Capturing us breaking into dance moves on our wedding day is a beautiful picture of the joy that this man brings to the most mundane parts of my life. Photo credit: Baker Baker Photo

Hello! My name’s Liz. I live in Kansas City, sell real estate, and am married to my best friend, Matt.

I love people and long coffee dates. I snack and dance often, and enjoy sitting down at the piano. I've entrusted my life to Jesus--to living for something and Someone far greater than myself. Trusting Jesus hasn't always been easy, but I'm extremely grateful for His faithfulness even in the darkest days.

Thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). What followed were years of symptoms, medications, and doctors----struggles with hypothyroidism, gastrointestinal complications, misdiagnoses, anxiety, depression, and strict diets. PCOS has also caused relational and spiritual struggles because of a body that doesn't seem to work right.

I've sifted through diets, doctors, faith, and counseling and found some strong hooks I can hang my hat onto; anchors that I believe can make a difference in the way we pursue wellness as women.

Wellness isn't just physical.

For me, pursuing wellness looks like investing in my marriage and a community of people to share life with. Wellness is being honest and asking for help when I need it. It's choosing to overcome obstacles when I meet them. It's being wise about what I put into my body and disciplined in physical activity, because I know it's for my good. Wellness is spending time doing the things I'm passionate about and make me feel most alive. And ultimately, pursuing wellness means trusting in Jesus and the hope He brings in the midst of my brokenness.

All of these things contribute to life and joy, and they allow me to fully be the woman I was created to be. This is the path to flourishing--- come with me!

Friends, I hope you visit here often. And in the process, that you feel more understood and less alone. My prayer is that you'd dig into the deep trenches of your life and ground your feet on the One who is a solid rock for us. My hope is that this would motivate you to live fully in your own life and with the people around you--That you'd take steps forward, however big or small, and as a community we would celebrate each one! Know that you are all welcome here and I'm excited for what's ahead.